Shielding the visiting address of a sole proprietorship

If you have a sole proprietorship or you are going to register a sole proprietorship, you can shield your visiting address in all situations. Even if the visiting address is not the same as your private address.

These are the rules for sole proprietorships:

  • A postal address must be registered in the Business Register. This can be a PO Box address, for example. It must not be the same as your private address or visiting address. You can check this via My sole proprietorship.
  • If your sole proprietorship still needs to be registered, you can directly tick the option to shield your business address in the registration form. In this case, the condition that your postal address differs from your visiting address also applies.
  • Shielding is not possible for businesses that have deregistered.
Bezoekadres afschermen

The online form above is only available in Dutch. 

Shielding requests will be processed as quickly as possible. Until it has been arranged, your address remains public.