KVK Crowdfunding Scan

Are you looking for funding, and interested in crowdfunding? Use the Crowdfunding Scan to find out if this type of financing suits you and your plans.

Using the KVK Crowdfunding Scan


Crowdfunding means starting a campaign to find individual investors. This requires a special approach. Use the scan to check whether crowdfunding suits you and your company.

How does it work?

Answer 3 questions and view the results on your screen. Optional: discuss your financing needs and approach with an adviser from the KVK Financing desk.

For whom?

The Crowdfunding Scan can be used by starters or existing companies seeking financing for their plans. For example, to grow, for work capital, innovation, or a takeover.

Get help finding financing

Your chances of securing financing increase when you get help from an experienced adviser. These advisers can help you set up a financing application that is more likely to get a positive result.