Business park and office area

When assessing a zoning plan for a business park or office area, ask yourself the following questions, making sure you have the plan’s rules and notes at hand. Business parks on the outskirts of the city or town or office locations along motorways or near train stations are often zoned as 'Business' or 'Office' space.

Ask the following questions

  • Do the notes to the plan contain a list of businesses and has this list been checked with the entrepreneurs currently operating in the area?
  • Are there vacant lots in the area and what is allowed to be done on those lots?
  • Are individual stores or offices allowed to set up in the business park?
  • Are new or existing public amenities allowed on the business park, and what effect will this have on the operations of existing businesses?
  • What about environmental regulations (noise, odour, external safety)? Does the plan aim to maximise opportunities for businesses or minimise nuisance?
  • Are there noise zones on the business park for noise-producing businesses and where are these zones located relative to each other? Was this the same in the old plan?
  • Is the distance of the structural area (building) from the plot boundaries acceptable?
  • Can outdoor space be used for business activities, or only for parking and greenery?
  • What is the maximum building height? Is it the same throughout the area, or does it vary? Is the maximum height sufficient for everyone?
  • Do the permitted building height and plot ratio match the current situation? Does this mesh with the available parking facilities in the business park?
  • Does the plan allow businesses to expand on their own plot?
  • What about access to the business park? Is there enough space for lorries to make a U-turn?
  • Are there special parking spaces for lorries?
  • What about water storage in the business park (collection of water to prevent flooding)?
  • Are live-work units allowed? Live-work units often have a detrimental effect on other business, it is best to avoid them entirely or concentrate them in specific locations.
  • Does the plan have a ‘List of Places of Business’? The notes to the plan should clearly state why that list applies.
  • Are all existing businesses allowed to stay in the business park according to the ‘List of Places of Business’? Check that all businesses fall within the listed categories.
  • Is the business park close to a residential area or will a new residential area be built close by? How will this affect existing businesses (noise, environmental standards, zoning)?
  • Are there sections of pipelines and high-voltage pylons under or over the business park? How will this affect existing businesses?
  • Is peripheral, large-scale, and/or regular retail allowed on the business park? Has a comprehensive plan or retail plan been made for this purpose?
  • Are the terms Peripheral and Large-scale retail defined in the glossary of the rules?
  • Does the plan contain any provisions about whether or not online retailers and pickup points are allowed?

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