KVK Innovation Top 100

KVK encourages SMEs to grow and innovate. The annual KVK Innovation Top 100 showcases successful innovations by small and medium-sized companies.

The KVK Innovation Top 100 is a powerful demonstration of what SMEs in the Netherlands are capable of.Over the course of 17 years, the list has become the major SME innovation award. 

SenseGlove from Delft won the 2022 KVK Innovation Top 100 edition. The company developed a glove that makes it possible to touch, feel, and manipulate a vitrual object as though it were a real one. This 'robotic hand' can sense the shape, density, and texture of virtual objects. SenseGlove precisely measures the movements of each joint in the hand, and so simulates a highly detailed virtual hand. 

By winning the award, SenseGlove officially became the most innovative SME company in the Netherlands for a year. For more information about SenseGlove, and the other 99 most innovative SMEs of 2022, click here.

2023 edition

Have you successfully launched an innovative product or service, and would you like to participate in the next edition of the KVK Innovation Top 100? Go to our website, www.kvkinnovatietop100.nl, to find more information on how to participate, and what advantages participation can bring.