Signing and submitting changes online

KVK is constantly working to improve its services and make life easier for you. Recently, we have made it easier to submit changes to the Business Register. No more printed forms, stamps, and envelopes: submit your changes digitally so that we can process them quicker.

You can always sign documents digitally with DigiD. KVK will ask your email address to send you an confirmation email. You can sign documents digitally in a secure environment outside the KVK website. 

Sign with DigiD and €0.01 

KVK is required by law to double-check your identity. We use DigiD and your bank account to do so. The verification process is as follows: 

  1. Log in with DigiD to identify yourself. 

  1. Next, use iDEAL to transfer €0.01 from a private or business account in your name. KVK will only use this information to confirm your identity. 

  1. Get an confirmation email from KVK. 

Report a change using My eenmanszaak

If you have an eenmanszaak and are able to submit changes via My eenmanszaak, you can sign documents without having to transfer €0.01. You will have to activate ID check by pairing your ID with your DigiD, for which you need to have the DigiD app on your phone. 

  1. Visit the DigiD website and follow the steps to pair your ID with your DigiD 

  1. Log in to Mijn eenmanszaak (again) using the DigiD app on your phone

What changes can you sign online? 

You can sign for and submit most changes to business and officer details online. If you can only submit a change by post, the online signing option will not be shown. If you can sign either digitally or by post, simply choose what you are most comfortable with. Please note that we take 10 working days to process incoming post, whereas digital changes are processed within 2 working days. 

Currently, you can only sign documents without transferring €0.01 if you have My eenmanszaak. We are working hard to develop our online sign and submit features and activate them for more and more changes. 


You can only use DocuSign or other signature software to digitally sign attachments, such as a rental lease. 

To sign registrations, changes to your registration, or deregistrations, you have to use DigiD and a 1 cent payment to sign. 

Do you want to file a financial statement? The digital signature options depend on the program (SBR, ZDJ, or XBRL tool) you use.

You can report a change of address through ‘Wijzigen’ (change, in Dutch). Enter your business name or registration number. Select ‘Vestigingsgegevens wijzigen’ (Change business branch details) and follow the steps. Submit the details digitally.

Additional documentation

If the visiting address is not the same as your home address, submit one of the following documents to show that you are permitted to use this address as a visiting address for your enterprise:

  • a copy of the rental, purchase, or lease agreement, signed by two parties; or
  • a certificate from the Dutch Land Registry Office; or
  • a declaration of consent.

Private address

If your private address is also changing, you should first notify your local Personal Records Database (BRP) of the municipality.

Please note that this online process is only available in Dutch. If you would prefer a fully English procedure, you can make use of the printable form.

You can change, add or remove the trade name of a business through ‘Wijzigen’ (change, in Dutch). Enter your business name or registration number. Select ‘Organisatiegegevens wijzigen’ (organisation details) and follow the steps. Submit the details digitally.

KVK cannot give advice about a trade name. A trade name must not be confusing by being similar to an existing trade name. Also, a trade name must not be misleading. Before registering a new trade name, it is wise to check it first on our website. Consider the advice here, and read the general rules and tips on choosing a trade name.

To change the trade name of a vof, maatschap or cv (a partnership), you need to fill in Form 15 (in Dutch). On this form, you can indicate that the new name of the partnership will also be the new trade name.

To change the legal name of a bv, you must contact a civil-law notary, as this requires amending the articles of association. However, you can add an additional trade name.

To add to or update your business activities:

  • Navigate to ‘wijzigen’ (change, in Dutch) and look up your company.- Search for and select your company.
  • Click on ‘wijzigen vestigingsgegevens’ (change branch details).
  • Select ‘activiteiten wijzigen’ (change business activities). Please note: when you change the activity description, the entire description is deleted and replaced with the new one. So you must also re-enter the activities that you want to keep in the description.
  • Complete the steps and submit the information online.

KVK will assign an SBI code to the business activity. You can also enter the SBI code yourself. We will check that the SBI code you entered matches the business activities.

Before we apply the change, we may request additional proof from you.

If you change your business activity, this may have consequences for, for example, permits from the municipality, financing, insurance, pension funds or your company’s bank account. Consult the website of the relevant (financial) institution to find out which steps you need to follow if you change your company’s activities.

Make sure your SBI code matches what you do as an entrepreneur. Insurers use your SBI code to calculate your premium. If you incur damage that does not match the activities you carry out according to your SBI code, the insurance will not cover it. Do you often carry out different activities? Report this to us and to your insurer. We will also register your other activities. The insurer can adjust your premium accordingly. This way you can be sure that damage is covered for all your activities.

You arrange registration via our website:

  • visit report a change
  • search for and select the organisation
  • then choose 'official(s)'

Submit digitally (processing time 2 working days)

You can submit the form digitally if it is a new director for an association, foundation, or owner's association (VvE) without commercial activities/without a company.

The new director signs the form in 2 steps via DigiD:

  • log in with DigiD or the DigiD app
  • transfer 1 cent via iDEAL

Then the person making the declaration (the declarant) receives an email with the digitally signed form. This person also signs the form in the above steps via DigiD and then submits the form.

Is the address still correct?

Is the organisation's address also the address of a departing director? Then also submit a change of address. Immediately check whether the other contact details are still current.

Who may sign?

Only a still registered director may sign for the entry (registration) of a new director. Will the outgoing director also sign for the registration of the new director? Then send the registration of the new director and the deregistration of the outgoing director simultaneously.

Personal identification requirement

Does the association or foundation have commercial activities/an enterprise? If so, each new director will identify themselves in person at a KVK office with a valid proof of identity. The registration of a new director of an association or foundation with an enterprise is done with a form (in Dutch) that you complete via our website and then print. A director who is currently registered in the Business Register will sign the form. You have to bring a copy of a valid identity document of this person. To visit KVK, make an appointment online by logging in with DigiD. You can register at any KVK office in the Netherlands.

Check whether the change affects the UBO registration

Check whether the new director also becomes a UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner) of your organisation. Also check whether there are consequences for the other UBOs in your organisation. For example, does the size of the interest held by the existing UBOs in your organisation change?

Via the online UBO report, you can register a new UBO or submit a change.

Please note: The UBO registration does not apply to VvEs and informal associations without a company.

Consequences for (financial) institutions

Changing board members may have consequences for, for example, municipal permits, financing, insurance, pension funds, or your organisation's bank account. Consult the website of the relevant (financial) institution which steps to follow when changing officials.