Go big with a low-budget Christmas hamper

If your budget for Christmas hampers or gifts is running low but you still want to show your employees that you appreciate them, it is not too late to give them a nice surprise. Find out all about the latest Christmas hamper trends and our 10 gift ideas for less than €15.

Surprising employees with a personal gift is a great way to show them how much you appreciate them. Even without spending too much.

Christmas hamper trends

2022 saw people become increasingly conscious consumers, opting for local, sustainable products. Evelyne de Jong, owner of LOCALFAVS noticed the same trend and started an online platform for local gifts in 2020. "I realised that people were looking for more than the standard gift hampers or ‘kerstpakketten’ sold by wholesalers. After all, who really wants an off-the-shelf gift? Meaningful, personal gifts are a much better option."

Support small businesses

"Surprise your employee with something special and support small businesses at the same time. One of the most popular trends is combining a food item with home accessories like candles or dried flowers. People will keep enjoying them for a long time to come and they are a great way to spruce up any home office." According to De Jong, do-it-yourself chocolate boxes are also a big hit. "The fun thing about DIY kits is that you can show off the results online."

De Jong finishes with a tip: "A handwritten card has real added value. It feels personal and shows that someone took time out of their busy schedule to do something for you."

Buy local

Nienke Veenstra, project manager at Haags Retailpunt supports small local businesses: "Local retailers like cheese shops and wine merchants really add a spark to any shopping area. Who doesn’t love personal advice given by a passionate, smiling shopkeeper? When you go out for your Christmas shopping, take a look close to home first. Locally brewed beer makes for a great gift."

Go sustainable

In addition to supporting local small business owners, choosing a sustainable gift shows what you believe in as an employer. Veenstra: "Buying gifts that people will only use once or throw away immediately is a massive waste."

A valuable tip from Veenstra: "Presents do not have to be big or expensive: thoughtful gifts are much better. Wrap it up nicely and add a personalised card or a sticker that says something like 'just for you’."

10 gift tips

Good gifts do not have to be expensive. What matters is that you make the effort to choose something that suits the recipient and show them your appreciation. But what should you give? Here are 10 Christmas surprises under €15.

1. Recipe calendar

A quick answer to the universal question: what’s for dinner tonight? With a recipe calendar, your employees will make an easy and healthy meal every day.

2. Coffee voucher

Who wouldn’t love a gift voucher for a good cup of coffee? Possibly with a sweet treat on the side. Besides, it is a great way to support your local coffee place.

3. Dried flowers

Brighten up any home office with a beautiful dried flower bouquet. Also available with holder for a nice card or photo. Another big advantage: the package will fit any letterbox.

4. Mulled wine spices

A go-to pick-me-up for a cold winter day: hot mulled wine. With these spices, you can quickly cook up a batch yourself. For a bigger gift, add a bottle of red wine or red currant juice. A guaranteed success.

5. City walk

Activities are much more fun than physical gifts. Get your employees moving and buy them a walking tour through a beautiful city. Like the alley walk through Gouda or the courtyard tour of Leiden. There are bound to be lots of other fun routes near you.

6. Museum

For a special gift, walk into your local museum gift shop or gift your employees a ticket to the museum. Chances are that they have been to London’s National Gallery or the Louvre in Paris, but that they’ve never visited the local museum just down the road.

7. Travel guide

Looking through a travel guide and dreaming of beautiful holiday destinations is back in fashion. Show that you know your employee like no other and pick a guide for a country you know they love.

8. Home cinema

Treat your employee to a relaxing evening on the couch with a home cinema voucher. Add soft drinks and a big bag of popcorn for the full cinema experience.

9. Chocolate

Have a nearby chocolate studio make a luxury Christmas surprise decorated with your name or logo. You could even send the chocolate by post if you cannot hand it to your employees in person.

10. Notebook

We do almost everything online, but notebooks are still an essential for many of us. Choose an erasable, reusable notebook! Sustainable and convenient. They come in lots of different designs and you could even add a pen.