What information does the Dutch Commercial Register contain?

The Commercial Register lists all businesses, legal entities and other organisations that participate in economic transactions in the Netherlands. The Commercial Register shows you who you are dealing with, who is authorised to sign on behalf of the company and whether perhaps the company has gone into liquidation. This provides you with peace of mind when doing business.

Businesses, legal entities and other organisations

The information you can find in the Commercial Register on Dutch businesses and legal entities includes the following:

  • name and address;
  • telephone number, fax number, email address, internet address, correspondence address, if available;
  • details of branches;
  • officers and authorised signatories;
  • the insolvency practitioner, if applicable;
  • the number of employees, including the owner and family members working in the business.

Why do we register information?

Under the Dutch Commercial Register Act (Handelsregisterwet), the Chamber of Commerce is required to register this information for the following purposes:

  • To enable entrepreneurs and private individuals to consult the Commercial Register to find out with whom they are doing business, such as current and potential customers and suppliers. This ensures legal certainty in business transactions.
  • To provide general information on the composition of businesses and legal entities.
  • To enable the public authorities to obtain information on companies and legal entities from the Commercial Register, so that they no longer need to make enquiries with the entrepreneur. This reduces the administrative burden.

Searching the Commercial Register

You can search for information in the Commercial Register by trade name, address or Chamber of Commerce number (only in Dutch). Searches are free of charge. However, costs are involved when ordering information, such as an extract or an address file.

Private addresses in the Commercial Register

Read more about the disclosure of private addresses in the Commercial Register (only in Dutch).