What the Chamber of Commerce does

The Chamber of Commerce provides information and support to entrepreneurs on the main entrepreneurial topics. Our statutory tasks focus on the registration and provision of information and advice to entrepreneurs.

The service centre for entrepreneurs

The Chamber of Commerce is a logical point where entrepreneurs can contact the public authorities, not just for compulsory matters, such as registration, but also if they wish to seek advice on topics they deal with on a daily basis. In the past few years, the Chamber of Commerce has tailored its services entirely to the needs of entrepreneurs. We liaise with entrepreneurs 25 million times a year on average.


Entrepreneurs usually contact the Chamber of Commerce online. We are also easy to reach by telephone and entrepreneurs are welcome to visit one of our 19 physical offices, as well as the regional Chamber of Commerce 'Enterprise Plazas' (Ondernemerspleinen).


The Chamber of Commerce has wide-ranging data, knowledge and expertise available in-house to assist entrepreneurs. What is more, because we work closely with other public organisations, we can efficiently refer entrepreneurs directly, where necessary. This has led to greater clarity and a more effective public service in recent years.

Swift online services

We play an important role in the further development of e-government services. These services will enable entrepreneurs to do business with the government entirely online in the near future. This includes not only collecting the relevant information on licences and subsidies, for instance, but also conducting transactions.