Private address in the Business Register

The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK Business Register (Handelsregister) contains both business and private addresses. The business address is always punlic: it is the place where a company conducts its business activities. The private address is not public. However, the private address can be the same as the business address: for instance, a baker who lives above the bakery, or a hairdresser who works from home. In those cases, these private addresses are visible under the caption business address.

Private addresses not in the public domain

Private addresses are not in the public domain. Under the Dutch Business Register Act (Handelsregisterwet), only employees of administrative bodies, lawyers, civil-law notaries and bailiffs may view this information.

Private addresses of UBOs are shielded off as well. Only employees of certain authorised parties, such as investigative authorities, are allowed to view these details.

What if my private address is also my business address?

Your business address is stated on the extract and is included in address files. Internet directories and internet maps, such as Google Maps, also use these address files. If you do not want your private address, which also is your business address, to appear on Google Maps, for instance, you can activate a non-mailing indicator.

The Business Register is a public register, because it is important for reasons of legal certainty to be able to check business details. For economic transactions, the business address is not blocked. If your private and business addresses are the same, this means in effect that your private address will be visible under the caption business address. It is possible to shield your business address, but only if there is a threatening situation, or your profession might lead to a threatening situation. You need to motivate your request.

Can I shield my business address?

Yes, this is possible, if the disclosure of your business address could lead to a threatening situation. You need to submit a request stating your motivation. Read what the options and conditions are for shielding your business address.


This is what you can do if you want to prevent having your private address included in the Business Register:

  • make sure you have a separate business address and private address;
  • do not include a reference to your name in the business name;
  • establish a private limited company (bv).

Viewing private addresses for officials

Are you an official with an administrative body, a lawyer, a bailiff or a notary? You can request authorisation to view private addresses (in Dutch).

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