Viewing non-public data

The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK processes personal data with care. You can only view non-public Business Register data and non-public UBO register data if you are authorised to do so. Find out who can apply for an authorisation for which data.

Non-public Business Register data

Non-public and shielded address details in the Business Register are not public, but can be accessed by certain administrative bodies, lawyers, bailiffs, and civil-law notaries if they are authorised. Social security number, gender, place of birth, and country of birth are not public but can be accessed by administrative bodies if they need such data to perform their statutory tasks, provided they are authorised.

Apply for authorisation to view non-public Business Register data

Since 1 January 2020, this non-public data has also been available via the KVK Data Service in the product ‘Inschrijving’ (registration). The KVK Data Service allows you to integrate up-to-date data of businesses and legal entities into your software or system automatically.

Apply for authorisation to view non-public Business Register data via the KVK Data Service

UBO data

Since Tuesday 22 November 2022, UBO data are no longer public and it is no longer possible to apply for a KVK UBO Register Extract. Minister Kaag of the Ministry of Finance has asked KVK to temporarily stop providing information extracts from the UBO register. This decision was taken following the European Court of Justice ruling.

Read more in the press release (in Dutch)

Complete the application for authorisation

Before completing the form, please carefully read the conditions outlined on the form. KVK will only process the form if it has been completed in full and if all the necessary documents have been sent.


  • Copy proof of ID: cover or blur out your social security number, nationality, and photograph. Make sure your name, signature, and ID number are legible.
  • To view non-public Business Register data and UBO register data, you need an access code.
  • To access the KVK Data Service, you need a link to the KVK Data Service (see connection package, in Dutch).
  • The same rate applies for viewing the information, including the non-public data.

Non-public data on KVK Extract, Business Profile, and KVK History of a business or legal entity

In the information products KVK Extract, 'Bedrijfsprofiel’ (Business Profile), and KVK History of a business or legal entity, the non-public data cannot be consulted. The other details of a current or former director, supervisory director, authorised representative, sole shareholder, holder of payable shares, liquidator, or trustee will be shown. Anyone can see the name, date of birth, and date of entry into service of these officials, but not their private address.

For more information, please see: What information does the Dutch Business Register contain?

Withdrawal of authorisation(s) to view non-public data

If, due to a job change, leaving employment, or another reason, there is no longer any right to authorisation on legal grounds, this should be terminated immediately. The responsibility for having the authorisation withdrawn lies with the organisation itself.

To have the authorisation withdrawn, please send an email to State your initials and name, KVK number, the access code, the name of the user of this access code, and the desired withdrawal date. In this request, please also indicate whether the access code should also expire or whether this only concerns a request to withdraw the authorisation. An access code without authorisation still provides the possibility to retrieve public data.

Within 2 days of receiving the request, we will process the withdrawal of the authorisation in our system. We will send a confirmation of this.

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