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SMEs and corporates take up challenges in a joint effort, leading to innovation and new business. AddVentured helps SMEs and corporates to find each other and get in contact. Participating in the current challenges is no longer possible. April you will find new challenges here. Sign up! We will keep you informed.

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What is AddVentured?

Your SME is edgy, flexible and solution oriented. It are just these qualities, which corporates are looking for. Take up challenges in a joint effort and realise new business. The solution power of SME combined with the strength of corporates opens up new opportunities when it comes to innovation. Via AddVentured, the open innovation platform of Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, SMEs and corporates find each other (of bekijk de pagina in het Nederlands).

The previous challenges

  • Arvato | Afterpay: Decrease bad debt

    Arvato/Afterpay is looking for SMEs with experience in and ideas about reducing bad debt. A good idea might even lead to a (new) joint business.

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  • UPS: More meeting places to optimize last mile

    Local shops and pubs disappear, resulting in less potential for UPS Access Points. Therefore UPS is looking for alternatives to perform the last mile.

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  • Royal IHC: New user interface concepts for dredging

    Dredging is very complex. Royal IHC challenges SMEs to participate in exploring and developing solutions to visualise status info of complex processes.

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  • Royal FloraHolland: Flowers without fuss

    Before being able to enjoy floral beauty, a consumer has to undertake some actions, like unwrapping. Wanted: SMEs, which are able to simplify this process.

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  • Fujifilm: Business opportunities emulsification

    Fuji is looking for creative and flexible SMEs to develop groundbreaking emulsification innovations and products in a joint effort. Unique SME opportunity.

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  • Essent: Future of smart energy

    This is your chance to cooperate with a corporate in developing innovations. Help Essent to develop energy distribution solutions for a sustainable future.

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  • Demcon: Young employees knowledge transfer program

    Task maturity is all about gaining experience. Therefore Demcon is looking for new methods to transfer senior experience towards junior colleagues.

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  • Cunningham Lindsey: Datamining and risk management

    Wanted: SMEs, which can help us to transform from service oriented towards data driven risk management organisation in the insurance business.

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