Datamining as accelerator for successful risk management

Organization: Cunningham Lindsey


Consumers and companies are getting more and more aware of prevailing risks. As a result of technological developments and increasing market transparency, existing business models of insurance companies, risk managers and other middlemen no longer meet with what is required. This new reality requires new services and added value.


The key to the solution might be data mining. Relevant databases for the insurance business contain a lot of interesting data, just like our own database. A thorough analysis of these data, the detection of meaningful (predictive) patterns as well as a combination with data from other databases, may lead to the development of successful new services.

Desired outcome

Do you succeed in transforming all available data towards useful information? What are your ideas to develop new services or added value on behalf of Cunningham Lindsey, based on the insights of your analysis? Does your solution help to attract new target groups or to reduce our financial risk? Then we are looking forward to meeting you.

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