Business opportunities Emulsification

Organization: Fujifilm


As manufacturer of photographic films, cameras and storage media, emulsification is one of our focus areas. The capacity of Fujifilm Manufacturing in Tilburg allows us to extend our range of products with new products and services.


We want to get in contact with SMEs, which are willing and capable to develop and produce emulsions in co-makership. We are convinced that a combination of our knowhow, capacity and facilities with a SME's creativity and flexibility, makes a good team. Together we can make a difference in developing and establishing new emulsification business opportunities.

Desired outcome

Does your company add creativity and flexibility to what we have to offer: know-how, industrial and test-scale installations, extreme high quality awareness, operational excellence as well as environmental friendliness? Then we are looking forward to cooperate and develop groundbreaking emulsification innovations and products in a joint effort.

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