Flowers without fuss

Organization: Royal FloraHolland


Nothing is greater than getting a bouquet of flowers. Unfortunately the consumer has to undertake some actions before being able to enjoy the floral beauty, like unwrapping the bouquet and filling a vase with tap water.


It's our challenge to provide the market with floral concepts that minimize the amount of fuss related to getting a bouquet of flowers. We want to get in contact with SMEs, which can help us to eliminate all possible 'dissatisfiers' from the perspective of the consumer.

Desired outcome

Out-of-the-box thinking is what this challenge needs. That's why we hope to get in contact with SME's in lines of businesses and disciplines that we have never thought off. This could be the start of a process of co-creation leading to several new and creative concepts. Our goal is to examine how we can eliminate and simplify as many steps as possible in the process of unwrapping until presenting the bouquet in a vase. In the end the final result has to underline the image of a bouquet of flowers as a beautiful and 'non-fuss' gift.

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