New user interface concepts for dredging

Organization: Royal IHC


Dredging with a hopper dredger is a complex process as the dredging production is determined by many external factors that are constantly changing, like for instance wind, waves, sea bed profile and soil conditions. As a result of this operating a hopper dredger is a complex task for an operator.

The challenge

The operator has to process a lot of information, presented by multiple displays. Moreover he has to manage and adjust many control instruments and tools. Nowadays there are state-of-the-art methods available to visualize complex processes and the operation of complex equipment in an intuitive and easy way. Therefore we are looking for new, smart user interface concepts.

The desired outcome

Such a new user interface concept has to facilitate operators to maximize dredging production under all circumstances. Another goal is to shorten the period that new dredging operators need to understand the dredging process and learn how to operate it. In the end this is a unique opportunity for SMEs to participate in exploring and developing solutions to visualise and present information about the status of complex processes.

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