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The KVK Advice Team is here to answer all your business questions. So, bring them on! You can contact us Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 17:00 CE(S)T.

Call 0800 21 17

Personal advice

Running a business means not giving up, adapting to changes, and making choices. But an entrepreneur cannot be expected to know everything. In the past year, the KVK Advice Team spoke with many entrepreneurs from all sectors. We listened and we helped, with relevant information and personal advice.

Talking to you helps us understand what is going on even better. So that we can give you the correct answers, tips, and advice. The KVK Advice Team is ready for your business questions. So ask away! You can tweet us or call 0800 2117.

Advice and inspiration

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Other information desks


Read the FAQ, use the corona measures check, or find out about the different business initiatives. The KVK Coronaloket is available for calls Mon-Fri.

Financing desk

The KVK Financing desk can help you get your head around financial matters, ranging from keeping records, different types of financing, pensions, and financial planning.

Survivors' desk

When a person passes away, the descendants face an emotional and difficult period. A period that involves a lot of paperwork as well, such as deregistering the deceased from the Commercial Register. The Survivors' desk can help you.

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