Corona measures

Corona measures are in place in the Netherlands to diminish the number of coronavirus infections. Check which rules apply to your business.

Some lockdown measures relaxed from 15 January

On 14 January, the government announced that some lockdown measures would be relaxed as of 15 January. Read what this means for your company. You can find the press release here.


  • As from 15 January 2022, non-essential shops can re-open their doors for customers between 05:00 and 17:00 hours. The maximum number of 1 visitor per 5 m2 applies, and face masks are mandatory.
  • The recommendation of receiving a maximum of 2 people per day at home has been relaxed to 4 people per day. The same number of people is recommended for outside.
  • Keep a distance of 1.5 metres everywhere.
  • Face masks are mandatory in every public indoor venue when moving through the space. Single-use face masks are recommended over reusable face masks made of fabric.
  • Work and stay at home as much as possible and avoid crowds.
  • Weddings and funerals can take place under certain conditions. A maximum of 100 guests may attend a funeral, while weddings can be organised for a maximum of 50 guests. Read more (in Dutch).

Hospitality and retail

  • Hospitality businesses must remain closed. Delivery and takeaway are permitted.
  • Essential shops, such as supermarkets and pharmacies, but also liquor stores, can open until 20:00. In these shops, wearing a face mask is mandatory, as well as a maximum of 1 visitor per 5m2. See the list of essential shops (in Dutch).
  • Hospitality businesses can apply for the TVL, Reimbursement fixed costs.

Culture, events, and sports

  • Indoor sports venues can open their doors again (all ages). Face masks are mandatory in between exercises and sports venues must ask for a corona entry pass (for people from age 18 and over). Sports canteens and sauna's must remain closed.
  • Outdoor sports can also resume for all ages. Audiences are still not allowed.
  • Cinemas, museums, theatres, and concert halls remain closed.
  • Amusement parks and zoos are closed.
  • Events are banned. Professional sports competitions without an audience and weekly markets are excepted.
  • Practicing cultural activities, such as piano lessons, band practice, or theatre rehearsals, is possible again. Face masks are mandatory and people from age 18 and over must show a corona entry pass.

Contact professions

  • All non-medical contact professions, such as hairdressers, masseurs, sex workers, and beauticians, can resume their work between 05:00 and 17:00 hours. Workers must wear face masks at all times and customers too, except during facial treatments. Where possible, a distance of 1.5 metres must be observed.
  • Medical contact professions are allowed to receive clients after 17:00 hours as well.

Service providers

  • Essential services remain open beyond 17:00 hours. This includes pharmacies, libraries, driving schools, notaries, lawyers, and petrol stations.


  • All educational institutions, from primary schools to universities, are open again. Teachers and pupils must wear face masks at all times and observe 1.5 meteres distance. A maxximum of 75 pupils per classroom applies.


Entry rules for travellers from outside EU/Schengen countries

From Wednesday, 22 December 2021, stricter rules apply for travellers from non-Schengen countries to the Netherlands. Everyone will have to show a negative test certificate, even if you have been fully vaccinated or have recently recovered from corona. A negative NAAT/PCR test of no more than 48 hours old or a rapid test of no more than 24 hours before departure counts as proof of testing.

Quarantine mandatory when entering from a very high-risk area

Do you come from a country that has been designated as a very high-risk area? From Wednesday, 22 December, you must spend 10 days in quarantine, unless you received the booster vaccination or tested positive for corona in the past 8 weeks. The United Kingdom is included in this. Do you test negative at the GGD on the 5th day after arrival? Then you may end quarantine earlier. Go through the checklist when you travel back to the Netherlands.

Travelling abroad

You may travel abroad. Travellers who have not (yet) been fully vaccinated can get free tests. The advice is to do a corona test when you return home. Comply with the applicable corona rules of the country where you are staying.

Travel within the EU

Check (in Dutch) for current travel advice per country. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency answers frequently asked questions about working across the border, travelling, and trading by country.

Financial support measures

To compensate entrepreneurs who are affected by the measures outlined in this article, the government has drawn up a set of support schemes:

  • The NOW scheme for personnel costs returns for an extra instalment for the months November and December 2021.
  • The Reimbursement fixed costs, known as the TVL, returns for the 4th quarter of 2021 and 1st quarter of 2022. The TVL replaces the VLN (Reimbursement fixed costs for night closure) scheme. 
  • Organisers of events can apply for compensation for cancelled events under 2 schemes, the TRSEC and the ATE.
  • Cultural and agricultural organisations can continue to claim compensation for loss of turnover.
  • Sports organisations, both amateur and professional, will be able to claim compensation for loss of ticket sales income.

Want to know more?

An extensive package of support schemes has been set up to help entrepreneurs during the restrictions. Read all about it on our support measures page.

You can ask all your questions about corona at the KVK Corona desk via the telephone number 0800 2117.