Step 4 of 5: Get help from organisations

Now you know what the options are for solving your financial difficulties. You do not have to do it alone. Perhaps people around you are already helping you, but be aware that there is professional help out there. Find out what they can do for you. Being an entrepreneur is not a solo project.

The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK Advice Team

KVK collaborates with many organisations and parties that are working for businesses in the Netherlands. So start by calling the KVK Advice Team at 0800 21 17 free of charge. A KVK advisor will listen to your story, answer your questions, focus on your situation, and, if necessary, refer you to the organisation that can help you best.

Business management support

Several organisations offer information and support with improving your business management. Think of financial advice or tips for managing personnel. The Geldfit Zakelijk (in Dutch) online platform offers an online test to gain insight into the financial health of your business. That will help you make your business financially fit again. 

Are you dealing with questions on how to hire or fire personnel? The Employee Insurance Agency UWV (in Dutch) can help you. Are you thinking of changing course, for example working as an employee? Your municipality can help you make the transition.

Financing support

Improve your chances of finding financing by getting professional support. Organisations such as Qredits and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO can help you if you want to invest in your company, or need financing for other reasons.

Help if you have debts

Is your business in financial trouble, are you unable to pay your debts, and are you afraid you will have to end your business, or even go bankrupt? Take a closer look at your company, and enlist help. For example, from Dutch organisations MKB Doorgaan, 155 Help een bedrijf, Over Rood, De Nederlandse Zaak voor Ondernemers (DNZO), or Ondernemersklankbord (OKB). They judge your business's viability and help you look for a way to turn the tide.

Budgeting help

A budget coach helps you sort out your financial household. They create insight into income and expenses. You remain responsible for your own records. A budget coach is usually hired by private individuals, but self-employed professionals can also make use of their services. If your financial problems are more substantial, the budget coach will refer you to debt restructuring organisations. 

Be aware that anyone can call themselves a budget coach. Make sure the person you hire is qualified.

Emotional help

A crisis does not only affect your business. Very likely, you and the people around you will also feel the emotional impact. Do you feel you need mental or social support more than you do practical guidance right now? Contact De Luisterlijn or MIND korrelatie (in Dutch). You can also ask your GP or municipality for help. And of course you can always ask your friends, family, fellow entrepreneurs, or sector organisation for help.

Overview of organisations

Download the (Dutch) overview of the organisations with which KVK closely collaborates. Find out what they do and who can help you.

Stay out of debt

Find tips to stay out of debt in step 5.