Filing your financial statements yourself

You can use the online service for filing your financial statements yourself (Zelf Deponeren Jaarrekening) to enter and file the financial statements of your legal entity in the micro or small business category with the Chamber of Commerce.

With effect from the 2016 financial year, entrepreneurs in the small and micro business categories can only file their financial statements electronically. Via the online service for filing your financial statements yourself, you can manually enter the financial statements and submit them online.

File your financial statements (only in Dutch)

What do you need?

You need the following to file your financial statements yourself:

  • the financial statements (the financial statements for filing purposes);
  • a Mijn Start account (My Start account) with authorisation for filing, an eRecognition tool of at least security level 2 (EH2) or an access code linked to the legal entity for which you are filing financial statements;
  • a computer with Internet access.

How does it work?

To enter and file the financial statements online:

  • Log in with your e-mail address and password, or using eRecognition or an access code (only in Dutch).
  • Select your financial year, business category and accounting principles.
  • Select ‘Start invullen’ (begin entering information) under ‘Start deponeren’ (begin filing).
  • Enter your contact information and your financial statements data.
  • Check the data entered on the ‘Controleren en verzenden’ (verify and send) page.
  • If you approve the data shown, select ‘Deponeren’ (file).
  • The status page will let you know when your financial statements have been successfully filed.

Consult the explanatory information in Filing your financial statements yourself (only in Dutch) for more information.

What are the advantages?

Filing via the service for filing your financial statements yourself is simple and quick:

  • You will immediately receive confirmation, including a PDF copy of your financial statements, by e-mail.
  • Immediately after sending, your financial statements can be viewed, retrieved and checked in the Commercial register.
  • Your financial statements will be available in a standardised universal format (XBRL).

Filing Your Financial Statements Yourself for intermediaries

If you are an intermediary and file one or more financial statements each year, the service for filing your financial statements yourself is a suitable option for you. You can file the financial statements using eRecognition and an authorisation from your client. If you file financial statements for several private limited companies, it is also possible to link these to a single eRecognition tool via a client authorisation. Your clients can authorise you in writing or using their own eRecognition tool. If you submit comparatively large numbers of financial statements each year, filing will be easier and more efficient for you if you use financial software (SBR).