Filing your merger or demerger proposal

Do you wish to file a merger proposal or a demerger proposal with the Chamber of Commerce? You can send your filing to us electronically or by post.

In order to submit an electronic filing, you will need a qualified personal certificate from a PKIoverheid certification service provider. You can then directly file your merger or demerger proposal electronically.

Filing a merger or demerger proposal (only in Dutch)
(Only civil-law notary firms have access to this)

If you are submitting a filing by post, send your proposal to the nearest postal address of the Chamber of Commerce.

From 13 April 2017, you can submit a merger or demerger proposal via Online Registration. Click here for more information (only in Dutch).

What will be done with the filing?

The acceptance and processing of an electronically filed proposal will proceed in the same manner as for proposals received by post or courier service. The Chamber of Commerce will process your filing as quickly as possible. The date of receipt of the proposal is considered to be the date of filing.