Flooding damages? See how you can claim compensation

If your company faces damages due to the excessive rainfall and flooding in July, the first thing to do is to call your insurance company. But there are other options. From property insurance to government compensation schemes: find out what support you can claim.

Report your damage to your insurance company asap. Take pictures or make a video, to record the damage. Check the insurance policy and take steps to avoid further damage. Do not clear up until you have spoken to your insurance company. Sometimes, insurers send an expert to assess the damage. All damage must be clearly visible and present for such an assessment to be of any value.


We speak of extreme or excessive rain (in Dutch) when the rainfall exceeds 50 millimetres per hour, or 100 millimetres per day. As a rule, your property or household insurance covers water damage to and inside your premises due to extreme rainfall. This concerns rain that enters your premises through roofs or gutters, and over thresholds.

Flooding damages

You will only receive a compensation for flooding damages (in Dutch) if your insurance covers it. The reality is, only a few insurance companies make provision for this type of damage in their policy conditions. Read your insurance policy conditions to find out if your insurance covers flooding damages.

Damage cover

Depending on the type of damage, you claim compensation from one or more of the insurances you have taken out. It is not uncommon to have several insurances with the same insurance company. Your insurance agent can help you navigate this. Generally speaking, the following applies:

Insured event
Type of insurance
Damage to company premises
Building insurance
Inventory damage
Property insurance
Car damage (by flooding or being carried away by water)
Car insurance (only if you have all-risk coverage)
Consequential damage due to power outage
Building insurance
Damage due to business interruption
Company damage, or loss of profits insurance
Stock damage
Stock or inventory insurance
Damage to crops
Crop insurance

Government compensation schemes

  • On 15 July 2021, the Dutch government declared the flooding an official national disaster. This means that citizens and businesses can apply for compensation under the Reimbursement for damages due to disasters Act(Wet Tegemoetkoming Schade bij rampen or Wts in Dutch). You can only apply for this compensation if you suffered damages for which no insurance exists, and you have no other way of claiming compensation.
  • On 22 July, the Dutch government confirmed that businesses suffering turnover loss due to the floodings can also make use of the NOW and TVL schemes. 
  • If your business employs workers who have been unable to work due to the floodings, you can apply to the Employment Insurance Agency UWV for Unemployment benefit due to inclement weather (in Dutch: WW bij onwerkbaar weer).
  • Your municipality may offer compensation under the Temporary support for essential costs (TONK) and the Participation Act.

Temporary support centre Tax Administration

The Tax Administration has launched a support centre for entrepreneurs who have been affected by the Limburg floodings. If you have questions about tax matters or need help, you can contact the support centre on work days between 9:00 - 17:00 hours: 088-1542600. You can also send an email to wateroverlast@belastingdienst.nl.

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