Approved Exporter permits

Companies that regularly export goods with an EUR.1 or EUR-MED document can apply for an Approved Exporter (AE) permit. To qualify, they need to have a clearly defined delivery programme and have sufficient knowledge about importing and exporting goods.


The Approved Exporter permit (in Dutch: vergunning Toegelaten Exporteur zelfafgifte preferentiële oorsprongsbewijzen ) allows exporters to issue themselves with Proof of Preferential Origin. An Approved Exporter can simply state their AE permit number on the invoice declaration, instead of applying for EUR.1 or EUR-MED certificates. The sales invoice and this invoice declaration are all they need to present in the country of destination. They do not have to involve KVK and Dutch Customs in the process. The roles and responsibilities of all parties remain the same as with EUR.1 or EUR-MED documents.

KVK will gladly help you make the right choice and assist you in starting the procedure. You can find the application form (in Dutch) on the Belastingdienst website.


Companies that regularly export goods to Türkiye can apply for the Approved Exporter permit to self-issue ATR Certificates (in Dutch: vergunning Toegelaten Exporteur zelfafgiftecertificaten inzake goederenverkeer ATR). This permit authorises exporters to self-issue ATR certificates when exporting goods to Turkey, without involving Dutch Customs in the process. Go to the permit application form (in Dutch) on the Belastingdienst website.

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