Basic checklist for exporting to the Netherlands

You want to start exporting your products to the Netherlands. How do you go about it? A short checklist.

Is there a market for my products?

Do market research. For some products, ready-made market information is available. If not, Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK can put you in contact with organisations that conduct specific market research for your products.

You want to target the Dutch market. To what extent are your ideas feasible?

The KVK Export Guide (in Dutch) helps you to put things into perspective: the opportunities, possibilities, and threats. Is your business ready to start exporting? Are you familiar with the rules and regulations you will be dealing with, and how will you approach the new market?

Does my product meet commercial and legal requirements?

You will have to take Dutch and European legislation into account. For example: electrical products and toys must meet strict requirements (CE marking). These regulations concern safety, health, environmental and consumer protection. We recommend that you discuss these points with your Dutch buyer.

What are effective distribution channels for my product?

What route to take? Will you be working with importers, agents, distributors, or wholesalers, or will you sell directly to the end consumer?

What promotion activities are effective for my product?

Trade fairs and exhibitions are common and effective promotion tools in the Netherlands. KVK can often provide you with practical advice on effective promotion methods for your product in the Netherlands.

How can I find the right business partner?

KVK can help you find business partners such as importers, agents, distributors, or wholesalers. The KVK Advice Team is available for all your business questions. If you have very specific questions or require specialized support in finding the right business partner, you will be referred to a commercial consultant.

Transport and packaging?

Is the existing packaging suitable for transport and does it meet market requirements? KVK can put you in contact with specialised organisations.

VAT, customs, and excise

The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration distinguishes between products that originate from within or from outside the EU. Rules and regulations differ, depending on the product. For more information, contact KVK.


This checklist is rather basic. To find out more about exporting to the Netherlands, check the International Trade section of the KVK website, contact the KVK Advice Team, or fill out the KVK contact form.