Organisations that can assist you

Organisations that can assist you with international trade.

Bilateral Chambers of Commerce

Bilateral Chambers of Commerce are based in 2 countries: in the Netherlands and the other trading partner country. For example, there is a Dutch-German Chamber of Commerce and a Dutch-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce. Membership is useful if you focus your activities on a particular country. A Bilateral Chamber of Commerce promotes its members' interests and offers a wide range of services.

Commercial consultants

If you have specific questions and require specialized support for handling imports and exports, you can contact commercial consultancy offices. They provide commercial services such as:
  • market research guidance in the potential export country;
  • finding a trade agent or importer/distributor;
  • finding the right distribution channel;
  • organising a programme of visits to potentially interested companies.


You can also contact the relevant foreign embassy in the Netherlands if you are looking for products from abroad for import. Embassies are equipped to promote the export of goods from their countries to the Netherlands.

Dutch embassies abroad

For an overview of the Dutch embassies and other governmental agencies, check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Centre for the promotion of imports from developing countries (CBI)

This agency forms part of the ministry of Foreign Affairs. It has a wide range of tools for trade promotion for products stemming from developing countries, subsidy programmes, databases with supplier information etc.

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