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The second half of 2019 is brimming with potential new business opportunities and collaborations. Register now and receive a heads-up on any new challenges. Registration is free of charge and obligation.

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Want to get yourself noticed by big corporate players? KVK Business Challenge helps, connecting entrepreneurs and corporates. Major companies such as KPN, T-Mobile and BDO publish their challenges on our online platform. You can then log in, ask questions online and pitch your ideas. Register now and check out our challenges. We might have the perfect one for you.

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What can KVK Business Challenge do for you?

  • Create new opportunities and boost your business.
  • Expand your network and increase your chances of long-term partnerships with major companies.
  • Put your business on the map.
  • Find out what challenges major corporates are facing, and help them find a solution.
  • Benefit from their knowledge and resources.
  • Learn from the experiences of other entrepreneurs.

From signing up to doing business

How does KVK Business Challenge work?

  • New challenges are posted online every 6 weeks. We organise a kick-off session at the start of each new period.
  • During the kick-off you will have the opportunity to meet with corporates face to face.
  • We will then open the platform, allowing you to chat, introduce yourself and share your ideas for a 4-week period.
  • The most compatible corporates and participants will then meet in real life.

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