KVK Business Challenge

Doing business with corporates

KVK Business Challenge brings corporates and SMEs together in the online and physical realms, enabling the joint development of innovative new business opportunities.

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The benefits of KVK Business Challenge

Create new business opportunities and give your business a boost.

Discover the challenges faced by corporates. Find the right challenge for your business, and get in touch with innovation managers today.

Benefit from the knowledge and capital that corporates have at their disposal

Do you have the know-how? Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Check the challenges and share your ideas.

Learn from the experiences of other entrepreneurs

The counter stands now at 70 corporates, over 5000 enthusiastic SMEs and 400 contacts between corporates and entrepreneurs. Will you join us?

Connect easily with corporates

KVK Business Challenge brings corporates and SMEs together in the online and physical realms, enabling the joint development of innovative new business opportunities. Want to boost revenues and growth? Does your business have what it takes to help major corporates resolve their challenges? Take part in KVK Business Challenge and get a seat at the table with one of our participating companies.

Imagine partnering with a corporate to resolve a major challenge for the future. For example, you might work on an issue in the area of water, health, food, connectivity or energy. In addition to contributing to the solution, you'll have a unique opportunity to boost your new or existing business. Sounds good, right?

It may seem like a distant dream now because the opportunity simply hadn't presented itself yet. As an SME, you generally don't have access to the same resources as corporates: a large budget, an extensive network and the capacity to implement almost any concept. KVK Business Challenge puts you in touch with corporates seeking innovative solutions to global challenges. It's the perfect opportunity to do business with larger companies and realise your ideas. All selected participants will receive the supervision they need to complete and monetise their projects.

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Doing business at the highest level?

Follow in the footsteps of your fellow SMEs

Bram Bloks - founder and co-owner of new IT start-up LaunchAI - saw KVK Business Challenge as a unique opportunity to generate new business. Effective preparation, balanced dialogue and creativity got him a seat at the table with KPN and the Dutch Police Force.

"Young entrepreneurs still have to prove their worth on the market."

"That's where KVK Business Challenge comes in: you get the opportunity to meet with corporates, show them who you are, explain which quality standards you can deliver and demonstrate your ability to deliver on promises", Bram explains.

KVK Business Challenge also helped Paul Hendrikx of Studio Mango connect to a major corporate. Univé posted the following challenge: ‘find a way to prevent ±2000 houses from burning down every year as a result of chimney fires’. Studio Mango pitched their idea and worked with 2 other SMEs to develop a solution to Univé’s challenge.

"We kept meeting corporates at the wrong level and in the wrong places."

Like Bram Bloks, you may be looking for a way to raise your start-up's market profile. You may have an innovative idea, like Paul Hendrikx. Maybe you need help drawing the attention of major corporates.

KVK Business Challenge: Innovating together

An open innovation platform of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce that brings together corporates and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), online as well as physically. The goal: to develop innovative, new business together. In this e-magazine corporates and SMEs share their experiences and insights with you.

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