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The KVK Business Challenge brings corporates and SMEs together in the online and physical realms, enabling the joint development of innovative new business opportunities.

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The second half of 2019 is packed with exciting challenges, events and themes. Make sure to mark the following dates in your calendar.

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Available challenges

Greater data autonomy for candidates

BeljonWesterterp aims to offer candidates greater control over their data. In addition to transparency on how their data are used, candidates should also have the opportunity to edit their CV and other information. Additionally, they should have the option of augmenting their profile (by adding references, assessments, etc.).

Online Facility Planner

For the Dutch Police with a large workforce and many decentralized locations, it is really a challenge to conduct efficient consultations. Virtual meeting is of course what is already being used, but face-to-face meetings remain important. How can travel time be minimized as much as possible and possibly driving together encouraged? This in relation to sustainability.

Super low friction inner surface in medical catheters

Boston Scientific is searching for alternative solutions to get rid of the PTFE inner liner in catheters and medical instruments. The new solution has a very low friction, is thin, robust, easy to apply and of course low in manufacturing cost. Also it is biocompatible and can be sterilized.

Digital Inspection and Asset Management Tools

Inspection of works in the civil, water and energy engineering sector (rail, road, infra, harbors, waterways, buildings, distribution networks are expensive and complex to plan. How can Witteveen+Bos digitalize and automate their civil engineering inspection methods and provide added value to their experts in asset management and design work.

Netting of Aircraft pallets

Netting of ULD's is still used since the beginning of air freight. Swissport want to reduce the intensive physical labar and time spend with cargo handling, more specific with the netting of Unit Load Devices. We are looking for innovations which solves the problem of time and physical labor.