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The leading open innovation platform for new business. This online innovation platform is where entrepreneurs and corporates take on challenges which lead to innovation and new business.

Looking for new business?

Why not register for the open innovation platform KVK Business Challenge? New challenges are usually posted online every six weeks, providing fresh opportunities to collaborate with corporates. Following the summer holidays, we will be back with a full and exciting new programme in late August. The next key dates:

- 26 August: New challenges posted online. We are collaborating with Amsterdam Capital Week for this edition. So put this date in your diary and sign up for the update to receive further information.

If you have not yet registered, you can do so now. Should you already have an account, Log in here. (of bekijk deze pagina in het Nederlands).

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GES 2019 directly results in new business

This year on the 4th and 5ht of june, KVK Business Challenge participated in the Global Entrepreneur Summit (GES) 2019, which took place in The Hague. Since then, four partners have already decided on a collaboration with each other. ProRail, for example, plans on testing a solution to provide toilet facilities on or near the track for use during incidents. ASC plans to develop a solution for special surgical kits, which can be used in situations where a hospital is not available.

You can see Paul Hendrikx from Studio Mango here. The studio has just presented its plans to Univé following a successful challenge.

To promote and accelerate the innovation, Mona Keijzer presented innovation vouchers worth 2,500 euros.

RSM, Bidfood and GGN challenges closed

These companies are now continuing discussions with the entrepreneurs that offer the best match based on the chat. Together, they plan on innovating further and expect to launch new collaborations. While these challenges are now closed, you can take part when the challenges resume in late August if you register here.

Is your organisation faced with a major innovation challenge?

In this case, KVK can put you in contact with creative, solution-focused entrepreneurs in as many as 69 different countries. We do this through KVK Business Challenge, the open innovation platform that brings major organisations and SMEs into contact with each other both online and offline in order to develop new business. Many corporates have preceded you, often with a successful outcome; for example, T-Mobile, Univé, PWC and Nouryon.

Many of these companies use KVK Business Challenge alongside their own innovation initiatives to achieve even more.

Do you also want to accelerate innovations in partnership? For more information, get in touch with one of our account managers on +31 88 585 36 36 or by emailing

How does KVK Business Challenge work?

The KVK Business Challenge aims for success both ways. A new assignment for you and a solution available to the corporate. Here’s how it works:

  1. New challenges are posted online every 6 weeks. You are given the opportunity to ask questions during the first 2 weeks. These questions will be answered in a webinar.
  2. If you signed up for the webinar, you will be able to chat with the corporates.
  3. After the webinar, the platform opens. For four weeks you will be able to chat . You use this chat functionality to introduce yourself and share your ideas.
  4. The corporates and entrepreneurs whose ideas match will meet in real life.

After registration, you will receive an update from us on a weekly basis, containing comprehensive information (and dates) on KVK Business Challenge. 
View the video introduction here.

Key dates in 2019

  • 26th of August: The first new challenges after the summer posted online.
  • 23 September: New challenges are posted online. This edition is a collaboration with the employers' association for the Limburg region, Limburgse Werkgevers Vereniging.
  • 21 October: New challenges are posted online. This edition has a maritime theme and is a collaboration with Europort.
  • 18 November: New challenges are posted online.
As you can see, the second half of 2019 once again offers a wealth of opportunities for new business. Do you want to keep up to date and be among the first to see whether there are problems that you could help solve? If so, register now.

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