Apply for a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

You can apply for a LEI for your organisation at the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK. Only officials who are registered in the Dutch Business Register as authorised to sign can apply for a LEI. You need to sign your application digitally, so you will need your DigiD and a personal Dutch IBAN.

Apply for a LEI (in Dutch)

What is a LEI?

A LEI is a unique number that enables financial supervisors - such as the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets, AFM - to track global transactions and take action where necessary. The goal is to improve the transparency of the financial markets, gain better control of the risks and protect investors.

The LEI has been laid down in investment company legislation  (MiFID II and EMIR). 

Who requires a LEI?

Entrepreneurs or legal entities who own shares or derivatives must possess a LEI. If you do not have a LEI, you may no longer be able to purchase or sell on the stock exchange. Contact your bank or asset manager in order to determine whether you need a LEI.

Advantages of applying for a LEI at KVK

  • KVK links company information from the Dutch Business Register (Handelsregister) to your application. This saves work. 
  • The rate is favourable: € 70.45 excluding VAT. The annual renewal cost is € 43.35 excluding VAT.
  • KVK informs you in time when you need to renew. A LEI is valid for 1 year after the issue date.

Information on existing LEI registrations

Overview of LEI registrations at KVK (in Dutch)

Search all LEI registrations (in Dutch)

Background information about the LEI

Challenge a LEI (verification)

Transfer your LEI to KVK

KVK is the Dutch Local Operating Unit (LOU) for the Netherlands. If you have applied for a LEI at a different LOU, and you want to transfer it to KVK, you can. The one condition is that your organisation is registered in the Dutch Business Register.

When you transfer your LEI, you need not apply anew. KVK will take over your existing LEI.

If your current LEI is still active, the transfer is without charge. We will take over the current renewal date. On the renewal date, we will renew your LEI at the € 43.35 (ex VAT) rate. If the renewal takes place within 8 weeks after the transfer, you will receive an invoice with the transfer papers. 

If your LEI is no longer active at the time of transfer, we will renew the LEI per the transfer date at the € 43.35 (ex VAT) rate. 

To transfer your LEI, fill out the transfer form (in Dutch) and send it to

Ending your active LEI registration

Your organisation's LEI will become inactive if:

  • your legal structure changes, and with it the KVK number. A LEI is linked to a legal structure. Do you need a LEI for the new legal structure? Apply for a new one;
  • your company is deregistered from the Business Register;
  • you fill out the termination form as the company's representative. After sending in the form the LEI will remain active until the end of its period of validity.

Terminate your LEI (in Dutch)

Terms and Conditions

Read the terms and conditions for the LEI.

KVK officially certified

The LEI Register of KVK has been officially certified by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF). Check the official Accreditation Certificate. More information about the GLEIF can be found on their website

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Last updated on 21 April 2021

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