Challenge LEI records

Within the worldwide LEI system, accuracy in issuing and registering LEIs is of great importance. For example, no more than one LEI must be registered for one entity. This is a potential risk, since Local Operating Units (LOUs) in different countries can issue LEIs simultaneously. As yet there is no worldwide automated verification system.

Preventing double LEIs

Worldwide agreement

Worldwide, it has been agreed that all parties using LEIs must be able to report a possible irregularity in a LEI or its registered data. It is then the responsibility of the LOU to verify the reported irregularity and to act accordingly. In the Netherlands the Chamber of Commerce KVK makes it possible to submit a challenge for verifying a LEI and/or its registered data. This option applies for example for:

  1. the entity that uses the LEI;
  2. a LOU in another country;
  3. users of LEI databases, such as banks and trade repositories
  4. entities that are (opposing) parties in transactions with the entities mentioned at 1.

Submitting a verification request

If in your opinion there are irregularities in a LEI or its registered data, please send an e-mail to Your e-mail should contain at least:

  • the name of the applicant and the entity where he/she is employed;
  • the LEI and/or its registration for which the challenge is submitted and/or its KVK number;
  • the possible irregularity or other motivation for submitting the report.

We will inform you whether your challenge will be taken in consideration and the time needed for verification.

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Last updated on 21 April 2021

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