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Making an appointment

Do you need to visit a KVK office? KVK operates by appointment only. Schedule an appointment in our online appointment planner if you wish to register or take over a business, change a legal form or register an officer.

For which business matters do I need to make an appointment?

You only need to visit a KVK office for a few business matters. You can arrange many business matters with us online or by post. A civil-law notary will also be able to take care of various matters on your behalf. You can read below for which business matters you should make an appointment.

Registering or taking over a business

You need to make an appointment at KVK if you wish to:

Before making an appointment with us, you must complete a registration form.

Registration forms

Registering an officer

New officers (such as an executive director, partner, associate, or authorised representative) are required to visit KVK personally to register. They must first fill in a form.

Registration forms

Changing the legal structure

If you want to change the legal structure of your business, you must make an appointment at one of our offices to do so. You can only change the legal structure of your business at our office. You must complete two forms first: the dissolution of the current legal structure, and the registration of the new one. If your new legal structure comes with new officials, you must fill in forms to register them as well.

Forms for reporting changes

Changes for which you cannot make an appointment at KVK

You can easily submit most other changes using a form: for instance, a change in address, or business activities. You cannot make an appointment for these purposes.

Forms for reporting changes

Schedule your own appointment

You can schedule an appointment through our website. You should schedule the appointment online with an office of your choice. You will receive an email confirmation. Please keep it at hand. You will need it when reporting to the intercom post or the reception desk at the office. You can easily change or cancel an appointment using the link in the email confirmation.

If you wish to visit KVK, you can make an appointment right away. Our offices are open on working days between 8:30 and 17:00. You can view the available offices, dates and times directly in the appointment planner.

Click the button below for English information on the types of appointment you can make, and links to the (Dutch only) appointment planner.
Make an appointment

Important additional information

  • Do you want to register a different type of change? Use one of our forms.
  • Our branch offices are usually quite busy, so be sure to plan your appointment well in advance.
  • Your appointment will be confirmed via email.
  • Fill in your telephone number using only numbers. Do not use any spaces, hyphens or dashes.

Last updated on 30 December 2021

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