Corporate deposits overview

What is the Corporate Deposit overview?

  • An on-screen list of the documents a legal entity has filed with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce. You do not receive the documents (in Dutch) themselves. These you can order separately.
  • Supplementary legal information, such as the legal structure, registered office, and amount of subscribed capital.
  • Other information, for example about mergers and divisions.
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Please note: to finalise payment for your product you will be redirected to a Dutch language payment environment. If you need help navigating this Dutch environment, you can call +31 (0)88 585 15 85.

Are you ordering for the first time? Then be sure to request an access code first. You can pay by iDEAL or credit card.

What can you do with a KVK Corporate Deposit?

  • Check whether a company complies with the filing requirement.
  • See which documents have been filed and order these from KVK.

How do I order deposited documents?

You can order annual financial statements, articles of incorporation (statuten, in Dutch), and merger and division proposals (fusie- splitsingsvoorstellen, in Dutch) online. Contact the Service Center to order documents not available online.

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