KvK Annual financial statements

How to request a KvK Annual Financial Statement:

  • Search for and select the company you are looking for.
  • Click on the KvK Annual Financial Statements (Jaarrekening) button.
  • Select the type of KvK Annual Financial Statements you need and complete the payment.

Order from € 3,05

* Please note: the rest of the information is in Dutch.

Are you ordering for the first time? Then be sure to request an access code first. You can pay by iDEAL or credit card.

What do you get when you order KvK Annual Financial Statements?

  • A company’s annual financial statements with the balance sheet, notes and, if relevant, the income statement;
  • The KvK annual report from the directors;
  • Other information such as the auditor’s report.

What can you do with KvK Annual Financial Statements?

  • Monitor the financial development of a company;
  • Determine the credit standing of a business partner;
  • Find out about the financial position of a business partner.

Types of KvK Annual Financial Statements

Original financial statement € 3.05

A digital version (PDF) of the paper financial statements as filed by the company concerned. You can use this for legal purposes.

Standard financial statement € 3.05

The balance sheet and income statement are provided in a standard format to make it easy to compare the figures for different financial years or different companies. This version cannot be used for legal purposes. Do you wish to order financial statements for several years in succession? You can order the standard financial statements for two or three years for € 4.20.

Certified annual financial statement € 7.50

The company’s original KvK financial statements; the electronic signature ensures that the document can be used for official purposes. This provides additional legal certainty about the origin of the documents.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I order several financial statements at once?

    You can order large numbers of financial statements (bulk order) at once which will be provided on a CD-ROM. You can also request specific entries, such as net profit or equity. To do this, contact our Service Center: +31 (0)88 585 15 85.

  • Can I also obtain a financial statement on a CD-ROM?

    Yes, you can order certified financial statements on a CD-ROM via your personal page. This costs € 45 extra.

  • I only see blank pages in the financial statement I ordered. Why is that?

    In some versions of Adobe Reader, you will see blank pages when viewing an original or certified financial statement. This means you are using an old version of Adobe Reader. You can eliminate this problem by downloading a more recent version of Adobe Reader.