KvK Group Structure Overview

How to order a KVK Group Structure Overview

  • Search for and select the company you are looking for.
  • Click on the KVK Group Structure (Concernrelaties) button.
  • Select the type of KVK Group Structure you need and complete the payment.
Order from € 2,70

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What do you get when you order a KVK Group Structure Overview?

  • an overview of the structure of the group a business partner belongs to;
  • information about which legal entities are director, shareholder and liable party;
  • clarity about whether a single legal entity is sole shareholder, liable party or director of another legal entity.

What can you do with a KVK Group Structure Overview?

  • check which other legal entities an enterprise is directly linked to;
  • obtain information about the liability structure;
  • find out who the parent company is.

Which types of KvK Group Structure Overview are available?

Digital KVK Group Structure total group: € 2,70

A list of all legal entities and their relations within one group. This shows you which legal entities belong to the same group.

Digital KVK Group Structure direct: € 2,70

A list of the legal entities and organisations that are directly linked to a specified legal entity, irrespective of the group. This enables you to see if a legal entity is part of more than one group.