Hiring out or the provision of workers in the Netherlands

If you run a business abroad and intend to assign employees to your Dutch customer or branch on a temporary basis, you will have to deal with Dutch government rules and regulations. For example, if your business is a temporary employment agency, secondment agency, construction firm, or manufacturer.

All businesses posting workers to the Netherlands temporarily have to follow Dutch rules and regulations. For instance, registering with the Dutch Tax Administration, and paying statutory minimum wages. If your business is in the EEA or Switzerland, you must notify the Dutch government of the posting of your workers. Read all about it in the Checklist for posting employees to the Netherlands.

Is your business inside the EEA or Switzerland, and do you post workers to other EU countries besides the Netherlands? Then you must notify the relevant governments. All EU member states have their own rules on how to notify. You can find out which requirements you have to fulfil in the article Posting workers inside the EU.