Registering a private or public limited company in formation

To register a bv or nv in formation, take the following steps.

1. Download the form

  • Form 7: 'registration private company / public limited company in formation'
  • Form 12: 'registration other officials'

If you are continuing a sole proprietorship into a limited company, you must also complete the following form:

  • Form 14: 'change company and location data'

2. Fill in the form

Fill in the form. The form states who may sign the form and whether you need to fill in other forms.

3. Visit the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK to complete your registration

  • Take the completed form and a valid ID with you. The form states which documentary evidence you may need to bring with you, such as a statement from the civil-law notary about the incorporation.
  • You must make an appointment to visit KVK. During your visit, an employee of KVK will check your identification and whether you meet the conditions to register.
  • You do not have to prepare yet for registering UBOs (Ultimate Beneficial Owners, or ultimate stakeholders of an organisation). A bv or nv that is in formation does not have to register UBOs. A non-listed bv or nv does.

Make an appointment online to complete your registration

Please note: if the official is a legal person (such as a private limited company or limited company) you do not have to come by. You can then send in the form. The form states who may sign the form and which supporting documents you may need to enclose.

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Last updated on 28 April 2021

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