Step 1: Prepare your UBO report

Does your organisation have to register UBOs?

These legal structures have a duty to register UBOs

Choose a group of legal structures to continue preparing your UBO report.
Are you preparing a UBO report for more than 1 organisation? Register UBOs for each KVK number that has one of the legal structures mentioned.

Religious societies will have to register their UBOs also. It is not yet known when they will be able to do so.

No registration duty

Organisations with one of the following legal structures are not required to register:

  • sole poprietorships / sole traders (eenmanszaken)
  • private and public limited companies (bvs and nvs) that operate on the stock exchange
  • 100% subsidiaries of limited companies that operate on the stock exchange
  • owners’ associations (VvE)
  • legal structures in formation (in oprichting)
  • associations with limited legal capacity and without commercial activities
  • statutory bodies
  • other private bodies, including historical legal entities like guilds and courtyards (hofjes)

Foreign legal structures, like an Ltd or GmbH, and foreign legal structures that only have branch offices in the Netherlands, do not have to register UBOs in the Netherlands.

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