A change in your business name

If you want to change your trade or business name, or if you want to introduce an extra business name, you have to report this to the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK. Find out how.

Changing or adding a business name

Would you like to change the name of your business or add an extra business name? Then fill out the online form (only in Dutch):

Changing or adding a business name

Print, sign and post the completed form to KVK. You do not have to deliver it to KVK in person.

Checking business names

Your business name may not be identical to or closely resemble an existing business name. Use the Business Name Check tool (in Dutch) to check whether there is already a business with the same name or one that strongly resembles it. You will also find information on the conditions your business name has to meet on this page.

Check your business name

Why you must report the change

KVK manages the Dutch Business Register (Handelsregister). This register contains information about all Dutch companies and legal entities. The information in the Business Register helps businesses and individuals to ensure legal certainty in business transactions. This can only work if the register is kept up-to-date, and contains not only initial registrations, but also changes, such as a change in place of business, officer or your legal business structure. That is why you must inform KVK about any changes.

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Last updated on 21 April 2021

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