A change in your business name

The Chamber of Commerce Commercial Register contains information about all companies and legal entities. This is in order to ensure legal certainty in business transactions. Changes such as a change in place of business, officer or your legal form are stated here. The Chamber of Commerce must be informed about any changes.

Changing or adding to a business name

Would you like to change the name of your business or add an extra business name? This can be easily submitted via a web form.

Changing or adding to a business name

After you have completed the form, you must print it, sign it and send it. This does not require a visit to the Chamber of Commerce in person.

To change your name given in the articles of association, a civil-law notary is required.

Checking a business name

Your business name may not be identical to an existing business name or resemble an existing business name too much. Use the special tool to check whether there is already a business with the same name or one that strongly resembles it. This page will tell you which conditions your business name must meet.

Check your business name

Additional ways to check the business name:

These checks will give you a clear indication whether you can use a particular business name or not. Please be aware that it can never be completely excluded that the business name is already used by someone else. Ultimately the use of the business name is at your own risk.