Appointment for company takeover or transfer

You need to register a company takeover, transfer or restart at the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK. This requires some preparation. No two situations are exactly the same. Find out what you need to do.


A company takeover, a transfer of ownership, or a restart: these are situations that require a change in your registration in the Business Register. But different types of changes require filling out different forms and other actions. So before you make an appointment at one of the KVK offices to register the change, be sure to check the steps you need to take. Read the 7 most common situations at the bottom of the page. To make sure you bring the right documents to your KVK appointment, contact us.

Steps to take

  1. Contact us to make sure you fill out and bring the correct paperwork.
  2. Plan your appointment by clicking the Make an appointment button (only available in Dutch).
  3. Complete your registration at a KVK office.

Your appointment

  • You can plan an appointment at the KVK office of your choice.
  • Plan generously: waiting times at KVK can stretch during peak hours.
  • Your appointment will take a maximum of 50 minutes.
  • You need to pay a one-off registration fee. You cannot pay cash. The payment options are: electronic payment (PIN), mobile, or credit card.

Make an appointment

Last updated on 10 September 2021

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