Change of address

The Commercial Register contains information about all companies and legal entities. This is in order to ensure legal certainty in business transactions. Changes such as a change in place of business, officer or your legal form are registered or processed here. It is a legal obligation to inform the Chamber of Commerce about any changes within one week. You may do so via a form.

A change of address can be reported by filling out this form or online (only in Dutch).

After filling in the form on screen it is possible to print the form in two languages. Proof of the business address has to be submitted. Please send us the form and the lease or purchase contract listing the business address by post or online.

All submissions are conditional on the applicant providing a good, legible copy of a valid form of identification. The applicant must be an authorised person who is listed as such in the Handelsregister.

As soon as we receive the form and the copy of the contract, we will change the address and send you the requested copy of the registration.