Change of address

You can report a change of address or contact details by filling out the online form.

You need to report your change of address, or in the following contact details, to the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK:

  • website (URL)
  • phone or fax number
  • email address
  • message box name

Use form14: Business branch details, or report the change online (only in Dutch).

Using the form

If you choose to fill out the form, you can fill it out on screen and print it. It is possible to print the form in two languages. 

Now sign the form. Note: you have to be listed in the Business Register as a person who is authorised to sign on behalf of the company for which you report the change. 

Send us the form and a copy of your valid ID, plus written evidence of your new business address by post; for instance, a copy of the lease or purchase contract, listing the business address. 

As soon as we receive the form and the copy of the contract, we will change the address and send you the requested copy of the registration.

Reporting the change of address online

You can also report the change of address online. Go to the 'Wijzigen' flow (only in Dutch).

How much time do I have to report the change?

You have to report the change of address within a week. If you don't, it may have consequences for your company's liability, for example. Has more than a week passed? You still need to report the change of address. Do so as quickly as possible. Your change of address is not official until it has been registered in the Business Register. 

Do I have to report a change in my private address as well?

  • If your private address changes, you report it to the municipality where you live. The municipality will report the change to KVK. Is your business address the same as your private address? Then we will officially change your business adress in the Business Register, and send you a written confirmation.
  • In some cases, we do not change the business address ourselves, because it is unclear whether or not your company is moving too. Has your visiting address changed, but does KVK not contact you? Report the change of address yourself. Sole proprietorships can do so via the Mijn eenmanszaak portal (in Dutch), other businesses via Wijzigen (in Dutch). Report the change of address to the municipality first, and to KVK second. That way we do not need to request additional proof. 
  • If your private address abroad changes, you can use the 'Wijzigen' flow to report it. If you are also registered in the RNI, you need to report the change to one of the 19 RNI offices as well.

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Last updated on 21 April 2021

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