Deregistering a company or legal entity

If you end your company or legal entity, you must deregister it. You use a form for this. You can also deregister an official or a branch.


Please note: the button takes you to an online form. This is only available in Dutch. If you want to fill in an English form, you can use one of the following forms to end your registration:

Dissolve the legal entity first

You can only deregister a legal entity if it has been dissolved first. Legal entities are: private or public limited companies (bv or nv), cooperatives, mutual insurance societies, associations, and foundations. Read more about dissolving a legal entity in the factsheet dissolution of a legal entity.

Dissolve legal entity (Dutch)

Checklist for ending your company

What else must you bear in mind when you end your company?

Read the 10-step checklist for ending your business on

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Last updated on 19 September 2022

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