Submitting a change in officer

If there is a change in your company's officers or their details, you must register it with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK. For instance if there is a new or resigning officer, supervisory director or supervisory board member, sole shareholder or liquidator.

You can report your change directly (in Dutch) by clicking on this button. Report your change

You can also use a pdf form.  

Form for deregistering a current officer

If an officer is no longer active in your company, you can deregister them from the Business Register by completing the form ‘Change an officer’s details’ (form 16). You can also use this form to report a suspension or to change the details of a current officer.

Forms to register new officers

To register a new officer who can operate on behalf of the company of legal entity, you can use the following forms:

Send by post or bring in person?

In most cases, new officers have to make an appointment at KVK to deliver the form and show valid ID in person. Only associations and foundations without enterprise, and owners' associations (vve's) can send the form by post, enclosing a valid ID copy of the person signing the form.

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Last updated on 12 July 2021

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