Self-employed professionals

A self-employed professional or freelancer (known in Dutch as zelfstandige zonder personeel, ZZP'er) is an entrepreneur without any staff who works for a number of different customers.

Self-employed professionals work at their own expense and risk. During illness or when business is slow, they cannot fall back on a benefit. However, they can make use of various schemes intended to stimulate entrepreneurship. Self-employed professional is not a legal form. Most self-employed professionals have a one-man business or a private limited company (Besloten Vennootschap, BV).

As a self-employed professional, you can start a business in the Netherlands or carry out a temporary assignment in the Netherlands while being based in another country. In both cases, you will have to deal with Dutch government rules and regulations. Many of them are the same as for other entrepreneurs; some apply only to self-employed professionals. 

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