When do you have a business?

You want to start a business, and register with KVK. Do you have to? It depends. Find out what the criteria are that KVK applies to determine whether you have a business.

When do I register with KVK?

Three criteria for a business

  • You supply goods and/or services;
  • You demand more than symbolic payment for this;
  • You take part in regular commercial transactions.

Other indicators of having a business

  • You invest in your business: for instance, you hire personnel, or buy stock.
  • You regularly perform work for paying customers.
  • You work for more than one client. If you have a single client over a longer period of time, it is more likely that you are in salaried employment.
  • As an entrepreneur, you determine how and when you do your work, even if you are hired by a client.

Register your business

Do you meet the KVK criteria? You can register your sole proprietorship or other legal structure.

Last updated on 27 July 2021

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