The coronavirus: check your support measures

The Dutch government supports entrepreneurs and businesses in several ways during the corona crisis. There are financial measures in place to support your own income, or help you pay your employees’ wages. Other measures aim to make it easier to apply for business credit. The current set of financial support measures will run to the end of June 2021. Check this article regularly for updates.

This article gives a quick overview of the measures in place. You can read more about each measure by clicking the links. These will take you to, the Dutch government website for entrepreneurs, of which KVK is a partner. If you are looking for information about rules for businesses, international business, or permits and visa, you can also visit


Financial compensation

Employment and education

The corona crisis affects the labour market. In some sectors, jobs are disappearing. It is not yet certain if this will be a long-lasting or even permanent effect. In other sectors, employment opportunities remain largely the same, or are growing. The government is launching extensive programmes to retain and create employment. It is still working out the details of these programmes, together with trade organisations, employers’ organisations, municipalities and the Employment Insurance Agency UWV.

To support job seekers, the government is investing €1.4 Billion in a set of social programmes, that consists of 4 building blocks:

1. Intensive support and guidance towards new work (€683 Million)

The government supports job seekers where necessary. The aim is to help as many people as possible make a direct transition for one job to another, without having to claim unemployment benefits.

2. Education and training to retain work (€199 Million)

The programme NL Leert door helps employees, self-employed professionals, flex workers and others to develop themselves to find fitting employment.

3. Combating youth unemployment (€346 Million)

The government will work out a regional approach towards combating youth unemployment, as young people at the start of their careers are particularly vulnerable to problems finding employment.

4. Combating poverty and debt (€146 Million)

The corona crisis will cause an increase in the number of people who live in poverty or chronic debt. The government will support municipalities who help citizens in need. There will also be an extra help fund for persons with chronic debts.

Financing and credit

Tax measures

Sector-specific measures

  • BL-C: financing for agriculture and horticulture
  • Compensation for legal aid: Legal aid lawyers, mediators and curators who experience more than 20% turnover loss will receive additional compensation
  • Fireworks suppliers: the government is allotting €40 Million to the support of fireworks suppliers
  • Support for local and regional media
  • The government will provide extra support for the cultural sector, amateur sports clubs, and public transport
  • Credit voucher facility: the government is working on a credit voucher fund, to reimburse travel organisations that have given out vouchers to customers.


Watch out: if you receive an offer from a company to take care of your application for a fee, be aware that this is not an offer from a government source. You can apply for all the available measures yourself at the Employee Insurance Agency UWV, municipalities and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO. The applications are always free of charge.