The coronavirus: check your support measures

The Dutch government supports entrepreneurs and businesses in several ways during the corona crisis. There are financial measures in place to support your income, or to make it easier to apply for business credit. Many support measures have closed per 1 October 2021. You may need to repay some of the support you received. Check what's what.

This article gives a quick overview of the measures in place. You can read more about each measure by clicking the links. These will take you to, the Dutch government website for entrepreneurs, of which KVK is a partner. If you are looking for information about rules for businesses, international business, or permits and visa, you can also visit

Financial compensation

To support businesses that are affected by the stricter corona measures in place from 13 November 2021, the government has reinstated and extended some existing measures:

Besides these schemes, the government is working on support measures for the sports, agricultural, and cultural sector. Details to follow.

Financing and credit

Repaying corona support and taxes

Several financial support measures have ended per 1 October. For example, the NOW, TONK, and Tozo. Businesses that have received support under any or more of these schemes may have to repay part of the money received. Also, the special tax payment extensions that businesses could apply for until October 2021 have ended. Businesses will have to start paying the taxes they received extensions for from 1 October 2022. To find out which types of support or extensions you need to repay, and what options are in place to help you meet these financial obligations, see Repaying corona support on

Sector-specific measures

  • BL-C: financing for agriculture and horticulture
  • Compensation for legal aid: Legal aid lawyers, mediators and curators who experience more than 20% turnover loss will receive additional compensation
  • Fireworks suppliers: the government is allotting €40 Million to the support of fireworks suppliers
  • Support for local and regional media
  • The government will provide extra support for the cultural sector, amateur sports clubs, and public transport
  • Credit voucher facility: the government is working on a credit voucher fund, to reimburse travel organisations that have given out vouchers to customers.


Watch out: if you receive an offer from a company to take care of your application for a fee, be aware that this is not an offer from a government source. You can apply for all the available measures yourself at the Employee Insurance Agency UWV, municipalities and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO. The applications are always free of charge.