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KVK Seminar Start your own business

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  • for entrepreneurs who are still working on their proposition or who have just started
  • in preparation of starting your business
  • addresses all relevant topics surrounding starting your business

The most important issues that confront you when starting a business are discussed in a half-day session. This enables you to form a solid base for your company. The speaker guides you into and through the entrepreneurial jungle step by step. You gain useful insights in what it takes to be an entrepreneur, through both theoretical and experience-based information. During the seminar questions relevant to the group will be addressed. Afterwards, you can discuss your situation with the advisor on the telephone, via email or through social media. The seminar will address the following topics:

  • characteristics of an entrepreneur: what does it take;
  • advantages of writing a business plan;
  • tips for marketing and market research;
  • finances, budgeting, taxes, and deductions and allowances;
  • information on legal forms, rules and regulations, and how to minimise risks;
  • clear information on the use of and need for a model agreement.

Why should you follow this seminar?

  • You will be better prepared for starting your business.
  • You will get a clear overview of what to know and do at the start.
  • The questions you ask during and at the end of the seminar will be answered.

This seminar is particularly interesting for

  • Participants who are thinking about getting started as an entrepreneur.
  • Participants who are about to set up their business.
  • Entrepreneurs who have just started.

Participant remarks

“A great many subjects were treated in a short space of time. There is room for questions and remarks.”
“Lots of useful information on sheets.”
“The meeting also tells you who to contact when you have questions.”
“It was clear, well-organised, and I got all the information I wanted.”
“The story was clear, and there was ample attention for questions from the group.”

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  • Datumdinsdag 17 december 2019
  • Tijd13:30 - 16:30 uur
  • Prijs€ 50,00 p.p.
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