Chads World and your privacy

The KVK Advice Team uses chat banners from the company Chads World so that you can contact KVK live via chat. Chads World allows you to ask questions and a KVK advisor gives you a direct answer.

Chat, social media, or telephone

The chat option is intended for general business questions. Do you have questions about international business, innovation, or staff? You can ask us any question at all by chat, social media, or telephone.


You ask your question completely anonymously via the chat function. We have no data from you and cannot identify you.

Do not share personal information

Do not share any personal information on the chat function (such as your name, address, KVK number, or VAT number). This information is personal to you.

Personalised advice

Would you prefer to share specific details with us for even more personalised advice? You can contact KVK by telephone on 088 585 22 22.

Research purposes

The anonymous chat will be kept for a maximum of 12 months for research and analysis purposes, customer satisfaction surveys, and quality assurance. With the insight gained from this, we can improve our services on a daily basis.

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