Filing is a legal requirement in some cases. You can file several documents with KVK by post or by using our online service. Find information about the rules, conditions, and options for filing.


Legal entities such as the bv, nv, coöperatie, and onderlinge waarborgmaatschappij (mutual insurance society) are required by law to file their annual financial statement. Eenmanszaken (sole proprietorships) do not have to file. Find out more about who has to file what

How you file your financial statement depends on your business size. In most cases, you have to file digitally. Micro, small and middel-sized companies have to file their financial statements digitally in the XBRL format.

You can file your general terms and conditions with KVK or with the court. Read more about filing general terms and conditions

You can deposit your merger of demerger proposal with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK electronically or by post.
Read more about filing a merger of demerger proposal

Read more about the invoice for filing your general terms and conditions and view an example (under the heading 'Invoice').