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Order products from the Business Register, make an authorised link, or keep your customer base up to date.

Business Register products

Order company products such as extracts and profiles.

Most wanted

Kamer van Koophandel® Business Register extract

View a complete company overview on your screen.

KVK Corporate History

An overview of the main changes in a company's history.

Financial statements

Gather insight into a company's financial situation. For example, creditworthiness and financial position.

More Business Register products

Filed documents

Deed of incorporation and articles of association, changes in the articles, merger and demerger proposals and deeds.

KVK Group Structure Overview

An overview of the group structure of a company.

Deposits overview

An overview of all documents filed with KVK since 2010 per KVK number.

Make a connection to the Business Register

Always assured of the latest info from the Business Register. No more searching, checking, and error-prone typing of data. Keep company details up to date with an automated KVK Dataservice or KVK API (Application Programming Interface) connection..


Up to date information from the Business Register, straight to your own CRM, website, or financial software.

KVK Dataservice

Upload current information on companies and legal entities into your CRM, ERP, or database. In Dutch.

Up to date customer information

These products help you keep your customer information up to date.

KVK Business Register addresses offline

Knowing who you are doing business with matters. A good address file gives you reliable information.

KVK Business Register database comparison

Keep your customer file up to date, check the quality of your customer data, and retrieve missing information.

KVK Business Register mutatieabonnement (mutations subscription)

Check which companies have recently registered, opened a new branch office, or gone bankrupt. In Dutch.