Accessibility of the website

KVK wants its website to be easy to use for everyone, which is why we pay a lot of care and attention to the user-friendliness, accessibility, build quality, and online findability of

Accessibility Statement

Our Accessibility Statement was updated on 15-7-2020.

The Accessibility Statement was made by KVK for its website (main website). It is not yet fully compliant with Web guidelines (WCAG 2.1, level AA), as a result of which you may experience accessibility issues. Although the WCAG norm is clear enough to perform a thorough audit, the assessment of success criteria at the detail level may change in the near future. Therefore, based on new insights, something that was rejected in one audit may be approved in a future audit and vice versa.

Our approach

We have taken the following measures to promote compliance with accessibility requirements:

  • Accessibility 'by design': accessibility was considered during all steps in the design, construction, and editorial process of our website from the very beginning.
  • Audit: Independent experts regularly review (parts of) our website for accessibility. We always strive to find sustainable solutions for any issues they flag. See the notes to our accessibility statement.

Reporting accessibility issues

If, despite the measures we have already taken, you encounter an accessibility issue on our website, please let us know (in Dutch; choose subject 'Account en toegangscode' in the contact form).