Registering a Dutch eenmanszaak and making an appointment

Start or continue your registration. Or make an appointment to complete your registration.

Before you register

1. Check whether you qualify as an entrepreneur

You want to register your business. But is it actually necessary? Read the 3 criteria and 4 questions to check.

2. Contact the UWV or your municipality if you receive an unemployment benefit

Do you want to start a business and do you receive an unemployment benefit? Then discuss it with the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV). If you receive an assistance benefit discuss it with the municipality.

3. Do you already have an eenmanszaak?

It is not possible to have more than 1 eenmanszaak. So, if you already have an eenmanszaak, you cannot register another one. Check the information on your existing sole proprietorship.

4. More about the eenmanszaak

A sole proprietorship is a legal form in which you are solely responsible for the business. With a sole proprietorship you are privately liable for business debts. Read more about the sole proprietorship.

Video: Registering with KVK: how it works

1. Log in with DigiD

Only the owner of a sole proprietorship can register.

2. Complete the registration form

Complete all parts of the digital registration form step by step. Logged out in between? No problem. Your data is saved.

3. Check your details

You need a completed form to make an appointment and register your sole proprietorship. Have you entered your details incorrectly? This can still be adjusted during the appointment.

4. Make an appointment

Have you completed the registration form completely? Then you can make an appointment at a KVK office of your choice. You can easily change or cancel the appointment online.

5. Change or cancel your prepared registration

Log in again with DigiD. Select “current registration” and then “edit registration” to edit your registration. Or click the trash can to delete everything. The appointment, if it has been made, will also be deleted immediately.

About the appointment

During your appointment, a KVK employee will check your identification and check whether you meet the registration conditions.

Costs for registration

Information in English

The online registration process is in Dutch. You can use this pdf form to see which information we need from you in English and Dutch. Please be aware that you cannot use this form to register online! 

Frequently asked questions about registering an eenmanszaak

You will find all frequently asked questions about making an appointment in Help and Contact.

At Help & Contact you will find all frequently asked questions about DigiD.

Only the owner of a sole proprietorship can register the business. A friend, family member, bookkeeper, accountant, or another intermediary cannot. But they can help with the registration. The owner must log in themself using their own DigiD.

You must register your company within 1 week before or after the start of your business activities.

You can also visit our offices earlier to register your company. You can do this up to 3 months before your start date. To do this, make an appointment with one of our offices.

We will handle the actual registration in the week before the start date you provide. You do not need to visit a KVK office again for this. After registration, we will send you a written confirmation of your registration and an invoice for the registration fee by post.

You can only register your business if you have a Dutch visiting address. Do you live in an area bordering the Netherlands? And can you show genuine, physical business activities in the Netherlands? Only then you can register with a visiting address that is abroad. Follow these steps to register:

  • Choose a legal form and fill in the (digital) registration form
    To register as a sole proprietorship (zzp), you need a DigiD. You apply for this using your Citizen Service Number (BSN). If you do not have a BSN, follow these steps:
  • Make an appointment and complete your registration at a KVK office.
  • Bring the following with you:
    • A valid proof of identity and an original extract (or a legalised copy) from the personal records database where you live, or another original proof (or a legalised copy), such as from an official organisation or a bank, showing your private address.
      Note: this proof may not be older than 1 month. Submit this proof in a language we can read. If we cannot read it, KVK can ask you to have the documents translated into Dutch, English, German or French. This does not need to be by a sworn translator.
    • A copy of the rental, purchase or lease contract of the (Dutch) visiting address. This must be signed by 2 parties.

That depends on whether your business fulfils the criteria for a business. If it does, you are required to register.

Registration in the preparation phase is possible in some cases. Preparations include ordering goods, applying for permits, or renting business premises. To complete the registration, make an appointment online by logging in with DigiD. Registration is possible at any KVK office in the Netherlands.

You will receive a KVK number when you register in the Business Register. You can register from 1 week before the start date of your company, but you can also visit the KVK earlier to prepare your registration. You can do this up to 3 months before the start date. In this case, the actual registration (with KVK number) will take effect 1 week before the start date of your company. You do not need to return to the KVK offices for this.

You do not need to register separately with the Netherlands Tax Administration. You submit information when preparing your registration, which the KVK forwards in digital form to the Tax Administration. You will receive a letter of confirmation for your registration with the Tax Administration. After around 10 working days, you will receive a notification from the Tax Administration.

Is your question not included? More frequently asked questions can be found on our Help and contact page. It also states how you can contact us.